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Why I Want To Homeschool My Son?

As a parent, all I ever wanted is to give the best and nothing but the best to my unico hijo. But years passed, all I ever feel is that I failed on this part big time. I’ve been working since before he came into my life. Then, after giving birth, I continued working to sustain a growing child alone (because I'm a single mom). He was just two months old by then. And up to this very day, I still work. (Sigh).

Why Do You Blog?

Let me first answer this question… 
Why Do I Blog? 

Well, to be simply honest, I wanted to blog to document the happy memories I have with my family. Second, to share my experiences in life, travel, food trips, motherhood, etcetera. And third, since I am not a hypocrite, is to monetize from it as well. Maybe in the future, when I have all the time in the world, I could make monetizing my blog possible. Hehe.

How To Start A Blog In 3 Easy Steps

Many of us wanted to start a blog simply because we wanted share knowledge and experiences or simply document important life events. But some people find it difficult to start a blog, maybe because they can't figure it out how to make one. Well, this is easy! Read on my post, and I'll show you how *wink*

Master's Birthday Celebration at Manila Ocean Park

It's almost been a year when we celebrated Master's 7th Birthday. Instead of throwing the traditional 7th Birthday Party, we opted to go adventurous and paid a visit at Manila Ocean Park. Let me share to you this throwback post of his celebration.

Oh Lord! Bulalord!

Last Saturday, the three of us went to Bulalord to try out something new besides our beloved Paluto 'Nga Po Restaurant... Well, according to their name, they offer Bulalo and their other self-proclaimed non-greasy (masebo) foods. I discovered this place through a viral post in Facebook – Sikat na Kainan sa Tondo by Charles Steven Baccay. Since we are living in that area, then, why not give it a try? 

My 27th Birthday Celebration || Day 2

After a tiring yet full of fun of my the first day of my birthday celebration... We had another blast of fun on the next day in Miracle Art Museum in Starmall San Jose Del Monte.

My 4 Inspirations To Go Back To Work

Summer is over and almost all of us had our own share of tan lines, beach bumming, island hopping, all night liquor party and other things that we did during our vacation. Nevertheless whether we did those for 2 days only or for a week… But one thing’s for sure, we all enjoyed our summer vacation, no matter what.

My 27th Birthday Celebration || Day 1

For me, birthdays should be always celebrated as a sign of gratitude to our Creator for another year added to our life. A simple or grand celebration does not matter, as long as you’re able to pull it off with happiness along with the most important people of your lives.